BOPS - the optimal software for your letter delivery

Do you want to process documents in your company - and do it as simply, safely and quickly as possible? Then we have the perfect solution for you!

Rely on our Output Management Software BOPS

BOPS is a modular system by BIT, covering the entire output management process. The preparation of your data streams and personalization data is centrally controlled and prepared for the database-supported processing. Send your documents clearly and in a controlled manner - whether digital via mail or analogue via post - to existing or new customers.

From analysis to data preparation to shipping - all relevant information in one database

With the Output Management Software BOPS you realize an optimized production control of your data-, printing- and shipping-processes.

There are several key benefits for you

  • Future-oriented work by combining digital and analogue mailing
  • High transparency through precise tracking of processing steps
  • Cost reduction through process optimization
  • Comprehensive cost overview for all process steps
  • High security through the encryption of print data
  • Easy handling of Output Management Software by clearly structured user interface

A software that meets your requirements

As each company acts individually, we act individually in the correct implementation of BOPS. Tell us what requirements you have for your output management. We will make you an offer and show you how you can save up lot of time, money and effort in the future, if you handle your processes with BOPS.

The output management software BOPS regulates your processes: simple - fast - safe.


Would you like to know more about the Output Management Software BOPS? Here you will find a detailed description of the individual modules and their functions.

1. Data Transfer

Whether it's AFP, PCL, PDF, XML or CSV data formats, your production solution works the way you work.

Your data streams and files are transferred to BOPS manually or automatically. After checking the input files by using a target/actual-comparison, a job is created and resources are already separated.

2. Analysis

The generated print data stream is first analyzed for the following processing. The sorting of the data is according to the desired order and presentation. Unwanted information, such as the control of a paper chute, can be automatically removed by the Output Management Software BOPS.

Other features of the analysis:

  • Preparation of data regarding sequence and presentation
  • Removal of unwanted control commands
3. Data preparation

Make sorting of data in your company more efficient!

Your data will be prepared, sorted, bundled, split and prepared for output according to various criteria.

Combine individual files into a print job or separate a file into several print files. In addition, you can control your documents, for example, according to specific customernumbers, -addresses or text.

Further functions of the data preparation:

  • Electronic mapping of individual post-processing steps by using the output management software BOPS.
  • Process optimization through fewer work steps
  • Merging shipments to print-stacks
  • Electronic sorting or collecting of documents until output (collective processing)
4. Enrichment

Would you like to fill in your letter with further data?

The BOPS module "enrichment" gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily add further information such as general terms and conditions, marketing information, etc. to the already existing data stream. Under which criteria the additional information is inserted can be defined by certain conditions (e.g., by a specific text or special customer numbers).

This way of working allows you to summarize several steps. A storage of supplements as a form is no longer necessary - they are printed directly.

Advantages of the module "Enrichment":

  • Determination of stipulated conditions, which data will be enriched and when (including job-independent)
  • Storage of forms (for example, for terms and conditions or other text modules) no longer necessary
  • Add coding & tags (e.g. DataMatrix codes, OMR / OCR codes, etc.) to the machine control
5. Coding & Marking

For your machine control there is the possibility of automatic generation of

  • a DataMatrix code (one of the best-known 2D codes)
  • an OMR / OCR code (computer-aided identification of marks on paper)
  • or a linear barcode (opto-electronically readable font consisting of different width, parallel lines and gaps)

The further processing of shipments (mailings, transactional printing, invoice printing, reminder printing, etc.) require DataMatrix codes, OMR codes or linear barcodes for machine control. The software BOPS combines the different information as a structure and creates an individual code for the print job.

Advantages of coding & marking:

  • Automatic addition of OMR markers, DataMatrix codes or barcodes
  • Generating individual codes
6. Shipping

Digital or rather analog? - You decide!

With an interface between the Output Management Software BOPS and your document management, it is possible to flexibly control the output without any changes in the overall process. An output can take place both, on the classical analogue way as well as on the digital way.

Through the seamless integration of Deutsche Post AG's electronic franking system (DP franking), your documents can be sent by postage-optimized lettering. All specifications of Deutsche Post AG are fulfilled within the processing with BOPS and the data exchange procedure via

Other benefits of the output:

  • IT franking is seamlessly integrated into production by the BOPS Output Management Software
  • Greatest possible cost savings
  • Response processing included
  • Establishing an interface between conventional shipping and electronic shipping
7. Process control

Quality assurance through a transparent process!

Processing of documents with sensitive data requires revision-proof and verifiable document processes. At this point, for example, the closed-loop method comes into play. This guarantees complete monitoring of the production process and enables camera-based target / actual comparisons.

Further functions of the process control:

  • Completeness check per process step (Integrity Check)
  • Control for reprint
  • quantity detection
  • Determination of performance data
  • Detailed order documentation
8. Accounting

Create your invoices directly through the Output Management Software BOPS!

Basis for this Invoices are articles that have been previously defined and assigned to a group (for example services, material or postage). For each individual article can be determined, how the appropriate amount is calculated and which price is to be used. The specification of a invoice-ID in the print data stream enables a fully automatic invoice split up into different units.

Advantages of accounting:

  • Simple cost allocation
  • Individual accounting intervals
  • Overview of costs at different time intervals


Do you have questions about our Output Management Software BOPS?

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