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AM.exchange is a file format that DPAG requires for a data exchange procedure.


A bar code is a machine-readable typeface consisting of different widths, parallel bars and gaps. Barcodes can be read in automatically and processed electronically.


BOPS is a software developed and published by BIT Brand Information- und Telekommunikationslösungen GmbH, which enables control and optimization of complex documentation processes such as creation, preparation, processing and printing.


Sorting office leaving. Partial service contracts can be concluded with DPAG to increase discounts on postage. The shipments marked with BZA are shipped nationwide.


Sorting Office incoming. Partial service contracts can be concluded with DPAG to increase discounts on postage. The shipments marked with BZE are shipped regionally.


Closed-loop is a procedure that ensures that personalized documents, such as invoices, even delivered to the desired recipient. A camera-based target / actual adjustment and manual scans are used to check whether the processing from printing to enveloping has been completed or if reprints need to take place.


Encoding is a unique alphanumeric mapping of characters within a barcode / DataMatrix code / QR code.

Data Matrix Code

A DataMatrix code, like the usual barcode, also serves as an information carrier, which can be identified by scan. With the difference that the DataMatrix code is aligned two-dimensionally and thus has a greater information density. It is visually distinguished as a square, which is filled with other small squares and rectangles incomplete.



Dialogpost means the delivery form of a mailing (from 4,000 pieces) of DPAG. In the case of the Dialogpost, it should be noted that the contents are the same. Only deviations in the form of personalization information are permitted.

Dialogpost Easy

The "Dialogpost Easy" describes small consignment quantities (at least 500 pcs.), which represent a larger cost factor in relation to the classic Dialogpost.



DV-Franking (data processing franking) serves as an alternative to the usual franking of shipments. Here is an electronic creation of shipping information (delivery documents, payment of postage, etc.) instead. The DV-Franking is marked in the address window. Since this allows a reduction in costs, can be achieved at shipping legacy.


FTP (FileTransferProtocol) is a protocol that provides the ability to transfer data between the server and the user via separate connections.


GUI (graphical user interface) refers to the user interface of a program. It is the interface between the computer and its user and is intended to provide control based on graphical layout, such as symbols, buttons, etc.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail can be found in a procedure for coordinating the shipping route. In this case, a shipment is initially subject to the digital dispatch, to the printing and insertion processing, which (in the best case) already takes place in the target region to have a short shipping route from there.

Inkjet Printing

The inkjet process is a non-contact printing, which is done only by ink nozzles (further option: wax pressure). This results in the possibility to print different information one behind the other.

Integrity Check

Integrity Check refers to the completeness check with regard to each individual process step (at BIT process steps regarding document management).

ISO certifications

The abbreviation ISO means International Organization for Standardization. Certifications of the ISO indicate that the companys quality management has checked by independent third parties and has reached ISO-compliant criteria.


A mailing is an instrument of direct marketing, which comes in the form of mass mailing of advertising material (flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc.).

OMR Code

An OMR code (Optical Mark Recognition Code) is a piece of paper-based information that is recognized by computer-aided help. They serve e.g. the control of inserters. (s. barcode)

OCR Code

An OCR code (Optical Character Recognition Code) is similar to the OMR code, with the difference that the OCR code focuses on pure text recognition. (s. barcode)

Output Management

Output Management is the entire processing of documents and their components, which contribute to transfer the document from the sender to the recipient. This includes e.g. the print, the dispatch and the control of processing on both way, digital and analog.


Perforation is the stamping of a perforated line on paper, which makes one paper element separable from the other.

Response processing

Response processing is necessary if, for example, the sender has attached to his mailing a ticket for a raffle and the recipient returns it fill out. These submissions must be evaluated.

Shipment consolidation

Classic Consolidation defines the summarization of things. In shipping, this describes the compilation of a complete delivery. So-called consolidators at deliverers bundle several shipments, which they then deliver.

Transactional Print

Transactional printing services transactions between sender and receiver, e.g. Invoices, reminders, delivery notes, payroll.

Transpromotion / White Space Print

In a transpromotion, advertising messages are placed on other white areas of transactional printing, which is why the term "white space print" is common here.


Vario is an expanded form of Dialogpost, which is subject only to a limited extent to the prescribed content equality. In the case of a vario-mailing, only one part of the mailing (for example a flyer) has to be the same, while other components may differ.

Vario Plus

VarioPlus is a range extension to the standard Vario and includes international shipments.

White Paper Production

White Paper Production is an exclusively digital printing practice that allows you to produce individually on pure white paper, independently of the templates (such as templates printed with company logos).

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a planographic printing process that uses templates within the various color towers. Personalization is excluded.


1. It is also possible to rent your software BOPS?

Yes! We are happy to introduce BOPS as a rental model.

2. Can we buy single modules?

Generally, the base of BOPS must always be purchased. Which modules are then licensed is individuelly selectable.

Please remark, some modules depends and are related.

Our contact persons will be happy to advise you!

3. Is it possible to send optimized data digitally?

Yes! After the processing of the data can be deposited, which consignment by letter and which should be sent digitally.


1. Can invoices also be printed in color?


By our digital printer, we have the possibility to print all invoices (simplex / duplex) in full color (4/4). If desired, a different diagram can for example be displayed on each invoice.

2. For which sectors does BIT currently print invoices?

Insurance companies, municipal utilities, energy service providers, shipping service providers.

Outsourcing invoice-printing can be useful for any business from a variety of industries. 

P.S. of course we also print paymentreminders, dunnings and much more.

3. How does BIT handle with data protection?

Since we work with highly sensitive data every day, privacy is very important to us.

Our certification according to ISO 27001 confirms this! You are welcome to get a local impression of our company.

4. Are all the activities of invoice-printing done in one location?

Yes! Only in this way can we ensure that all safety-relevant features are complied with.

From data delivery of the customer to the enveloping of letters, a comprehensible and transperency process takes place in our house.


1. Which data formats can be accepted and processed by BIT?

We can process any data format from our customer like:


Do you use other data and file formats that are not listed here? No problem, just contact us or send us an e-mail.

2. Is it possible to optimize the postage costs?

Yes! We have the possibility to ship your shipments via Infopost or use DV-franking. Furthermore, we work together with IQ-Letternet. You have the option of sending your shipments via alternative postal service providers. This saves additional costs.

3. What does editing the address data mean?

We check your data for:

  • accuracy
  • duplicates
  • dispatch optimization (leadregions etc.)
4. Which envelopes can be processed?


Dabei sind die Fenster der Umschläge beliebig wählbar.

5. How many leaves fit in an envelope?

This depends on different factors like paper, size of the sheet etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

6. What does personalized mean?

Personalized generally means that the address can be customized by the customer and inserted in the layout. With BIT you also have the option of personalizing your entire mailing, for example:

  • Adapt graphics to each individual customer
  • Individual advertising for each sheet
  • Everything in your desired color

Rund um den Brief

1. What is a ZL discount?

The franking of your consignment by the frankingmark "ZL" is an alternative to the DV-franking. At the ZL discount, a corresponding note is printed on the shipment.

!!! Please note, the ZL discount expires on 01-01-2017 !!!

2. What is DV-franking?

The DV-franking is used for larger letter- or catalog shipments. The DV franking is applied directly to the document. Postage costs are paid electronically in this procedure.

!!! Important !!! If you want to use this type of franking, you need a permit from Deutsche Post AG (DPAG for short) for your company.

Do you have questions? The BIT experts will gladly advise you, simply send an e-mail to vertrieb@bit-online.de

3. Can I save postage costs?

Of course!

We offer you two options:

  • You send us your data and we make your shipments DV-free or frank these.

Do you have questions about this? Our BIT experts will be happy to advise you, just e-mail us at:


  • Or you can purchase our software BOPS DV-Free and process your shipments independently.

Do you have questions about this? Our BOPS experts are happy to advise you, just e-mail us at:


No matter which solution you prefer, with both solutions you will continue to save effective postage costs.