IT-Services – from duplicate check to postage optization

The basis of successful customer communication is a complete and clear database. Let us optimally optimize your data ware house stock and walk the way for an efficient Output Management!

When optimizing your document and mailing shipments, our IT department relies on the support of the Output Management Software BOPS and the customer communications management system GMC Inspire. But also the products of the Deutsche Post AG (for example, „Dialogpost-Manager“ or „Pressepost-Manager“) are controlled by our employees. Reduce yourself für long training units for the mentioned programs and rely on the know-how of the BIT-experts for your Output Management.


Address processing and address maintenance
  • Adjustment and structuring of your address data inventory in your Output Management, e.g. for duplicates
  • Avoidance of unnecessary transmissions (e.g. by duplicate check or removal of incorrect address data), which contribute to postage optimization
  • Checking your addresses in accordance with the post-regulations (for example, post-code reconciliation or valid post-code check)
  • Use of Deutsche Post AG's premium address method for obtaining non-delivery information about your address data
Data analysis and processing
  • Data transfer and input analysis with target / actual comparison of the shipment quantity
  • Print data preparation and layout design of your transactional prints and mailings• supplementing data - e.g. through terms and conditions in the print data stream or advertising content for the printing of transaction documents (on request also with transpromo printing)
  • Postage optimization by bundling your documents based on defined customer characteristics for a shipment
  • Encoding and control characters for intelligent and secure enveloping with camera synchronization of personalized items and response management
  • Selective control of the delivery of consignments - even taking account of possible postage jumps, which can be avoided in your Output Management if desired
Shipping preparation and -control
  • DV franking of your shipments (saves the process step of franking and your postage will be billed only on shipping)
  • Preparation for alternative delivery services
  • Selection of the kind of shipping (for example, physical shipping by letter, packages or in-house mail)
  • Digital shipment of your shipment as an E-Post-Letter, e-mail or DE-Mail
  • Hybrid mail (mixed logistic delivery system of letters)
Mail Delivery

In addition to the analogue shipping we enable a digital dispatch of your mailings and transaction documents by mail.

Your documents and e-mailtexts are prepared with our output management software BOPS and sent to the recipient via in-house servers (encrypted).

Further information about mail delivery can be found here.


For more information on data and document processing, we recommend a look at the possibilities of our Output Management Software BOPS.

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