Deliver mails quickly and securely to the customer

We offer you by mail a digital solution for your mailings and transaction documents.

Sending mails allows you to contact your customers in a cost-effective way. Whether you want to send mails as part of an advertising campaign or plan a secure shipment of transaction documents (invoices, reminders, payroll, etc.) - with our various options, you can make your mails free and flexible.


The mail delivery overview:

Standard mail delivery

Standard e-mail delivery forms the basic of the e-mail service. In doing so, you submit your documents (mailings, invoices, reminders, etc.) with the corresponding address data to an SFTP server. The preparation of this data is carried out with the output management software BOPS. This allows us to split, bundle, merge or make layout adjustments. In the next step, the mails and their attachments are sent via our in-house servers.

Your advantages:

  • Secure transmission of data
  • Digital processing of your mails and mail attachments
  • Shipping in bulk possible
  • Complete processing takes place on own servers
With encryption (optional)

Data protection is becoming increasingly important! Especially when you want to send sensitiv transaction documents like contract, salary or billing data. Because of that we have integrated an encryption function. Our output management software BOPS creates a password. The customer receives e.g. an e-mail with his invoice as an encrypted PDF file. With a time delay, the costumer receives a second mail with the password to open his PDF file/files from the first mail.

Your advantages:

  • Privacy protection
  • Customer confidence
With return evaluation (optional)

By request, we generate a return evaluation with identifiable return reasons:

  • "Mail size exceeded"
  • "Mailbox full"
  • "Mail address unknown"
  • "..."

Your advantages:

  • Your address database is always up to date
  • Overview of delivery rates

Based on the feedback analysis, you will subsequently have the opportunity to use the services of our lettershop and physically produce the returns and have them sent by post. So no customer get out. 

More about our lettershop can be found here.

Hybrid shipping (optional)

You still have customers who prefer the classic mail order? We are the right solution.Parallel to the mail, we can print, envelop and send your documents. And in flexible forms and variants.

Your advantages:

  • Customer-specific approach
  • No change required in the document
Analyse mail size (optional)

Many mail provider only allow a limited mail size. In most cases at least 5MB. If the mail is bigger than 5MB, the mail will be return. With our output management software BOPS we can set thresholds to organize the shipping appropriately.


  • If mail is less than 5MB, then send by e-mail
  • If mail is bigger than 5MB, then shipping by post

Your advantages:

  • Less return
  • Direct separation of postal and mail addresses
Mail sender (optional)

You can design your mail sender according to your own ideas. For example, with country-specific top-level domains (de, eu, pl, fr, etc.). In order to avoid complications when sending or returning mails, we check the sender address for plausibility and functionality.

On the other side, we provide a BIT sender without an answer function.

Your advantages:

  • Clear identification of your company
  • Message from your sender for the "Whitelist"




You don’t find your requirements? Just contact us and we'll see if we can provide an individual solution for you. 

Do you have further questions? Don’t hestitate to contact our contact persons!