Mailings – professional, personalized & price optimized

Your mailings should not only arrive on time at your customers, but also address them individually and target group appropriate? BIT makes it possible!

Your mailings are good handy with us!

Successful promotions are more individualized than ever and optimally tailored to the individual customer despite mass mailing. Optimizing and producing mailings to this extent requires a great deal of effort. You lose valuable time, which you could have invested in your core tasks. At this point, BIT comes into play:

BIT handles the printing, folding, inserting, addressing and sending of your documents with our lettershop - both analog and digital via e-mail. A fullfiment-service.

Your benefits by BIT:

  • Complete and professional processing of your mailings by our in-house lettershop
  • Postage-costs-consulting, transit times, weights, formats, circulation numbers and formalities of shipping
  • Procurement and storage of the required material
  • Optimization of your postage- and shipping-costs
  • Safe and on-time delivery of your shipments to the delivery-company


Preparation of your address data

Everything starts with your data. For an effective mailing, your address data will be processed and prepared for a successful use. You can choose from numerous services for optimizing shipping. From the removal of incorrect addresses to the checking of your addresses (eg duplicate check or plausibility and completeness check) by our IT department. We take care of the postage optimization of your shipments for national and international shipping.

Mailing Printing & Personalization

Are you worried that printing 20,000 mailings could take too much time? Rest assured - with our continuous printing system you can easily print up to 1,000 pages per minute - without having to accept any loss of quality.

Our range of services in the area of ​​mailing printing also includes

  • black-and-white printing or color printing in the laser or inkjet printing process
  • the printing in different formats (DIN A4, DIN A3 etc.)
  • one-sided (simplex) or two-sided printing (duplex)
  • The personalization, coding and graphic optimization of your letters and the components of your mailings for further processing in the lettershop
Further processing of your mailings in the lettershop

Our in-house lettershop offers you numerous options for refining mailing components. Here, e.g. your postcards, envelopes or even catalogs personalized by inkjet printing. This type of printing has the advantage that it ensures high print quality with minimized print prices and low environmental impact. The lettershop also offers the possibility of cutting preprinted rolls and occasional printed products to the final format of your choice.

Which other options do you benefit from?


  • Your mailings can be folded in different ways (for example, fake fold, spiral fold, cross fold or zigzag fold)
  • All common formats (DIN C6, DIN C4 etc.) as well as up to seven components of your mailing can be enveloped by machine
  • With using a camera calibration up to 70 personalized A4 sheets can be quickly and intelligently enveloped in an envelope
  • Up to three differently personalized components of a mailing can be enveloped and matched with a personalized envelope
Franking & shipping of your mailings

Your shipments are prepared for shipping and the correct delivery, so that they can then be handed over to the delivery company on time. The corresponding franking (such as franking or DV franking) of your mailings is taken over as well as the creation of the necessary postinglists for the dispatch via Deutsche Post AG.

Different shipping methods

Depending on the mailing and the amount of addresses, different shipping methods are recommended. Regardless of whether

  • Dialog mailing (national / international) and VarioPlus mailing
  • POSTAKTUELL (unaddressed advertising mail)
  • “Postwurfspezial”-shippments (partially addressed commercial mail)
  • press-shipments
  • fully paid correspondence
  • or sending electronic letters by e-mail


Do you still have questions about sending mailings via BIT? Our contact persons are happy to help.

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