Transactional Print - safe, fast and efficient

Did you know that transaction documents are read almost twice as often as direct mail? It is therefore all the more important to leave nothing to chance in transactional printing.

Whether it's cover letters, newsletters, notices or documents from the areas of invoice-printing and reminder printing - every personalized transactional print affords you the chance to communicate important messages to the customer and create a positive customer experience. So you have e.g. the opportunity to present your new product or service offerings.


Benefit from BIT of

  • 20 years of experience in transactional printing and invoice-shipment
  • the complete service in one package (starting with the conversion of the various data formats to the target-group-oriented layout generation up to the personalized production)
  • Secure delivery of your documents - analog via post or digitally via e-mail
  • the use of the latest technologies - e.g. Full color inkjet printing or closed loop enveloping


Data optimzed & layout design

During data optimizing, your raw data is both prepared and converted - safely keyed in using control characters (2D DataMatrix, OMR or barcodes for machine control) - and addresses are checked for up-to-dateness (postcode location reconciliation) to avoid returns, Adding logos and graphics is not just a way of illustrating text, it also increases your trustworthiness and recognition of your transactional printing and, consequently, your business.

In addition, we take care of you …  

  • Addition of important data (for example, terms and conditions in the print data stream or advertising content or transpromo elements)
  • Bundling according to fixed criteria (for example customer number)
  • DV franking or franking of your transactional prints
  • Postage optimization and consolidation of shipments
  • Electronic logging of all process steps
  • PDF archiving Further information on the possibilities of data processing (for example in the context of transactional printing) can be found here.

Further information on the possibilities of data processing (for example in the context of transactional printing) can be found here.

Digital Full Color Printing (White Paper Production)

To increase your customers' attention, your transactional prints are produced in full color digital printing. This has the advantage that it can be implemented within only one single process step and does not require any pre-printed materials (such as letterheads, flyers or transfer forms). White Paper Production allows you to create your entire document in PDF format. 

This method also has the advantage  

  • lower production costs arise (e.g. costs for overproduction, were housing and disposal are completely eliminated)
  • shorter course and reaction times can be realized
  • a production of mixed documents (b / w and color) can be implemented in just one operation
Individual supplements & response elements

Your transactional prints will be enveloped by us automatically or manually (for example for package delivery) according to your requirements - including individual inserts or individualized response elements (e.g. reply cards and coupons, calls or orders, etc.). 

Further services … 

  • Ten different insert formats (from DIN Long to C4)
  • Machine enveloping of up to 70 DIN A4 sheets with camera reading and sheet adjustment
  • Multiple personalized inserts with matching
  • Selective insertation control, taking into account possible postage steps (steps from one to the next higher postage level, by adding a supplement), which can be avoided on request.

The processing of your transaction prints (remuneration statements, payment slips, etc.) is bound to high security standards. Closed-loop production ensures that each of your documents is fully and demonstrably produced (using a camera-based target / actual comparison). The logging of each process step (preparation, printing, enveloping and shipping) guarantees the highest level of transparency and security.


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